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    Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital

    Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital is a book written by Philip Kotler. This book is an insight for people who want to reach out to maximum number of consumers. The book is a next-generation marketing book which helps you deal with the changing demands of the people. Marketing is any technique that helps you increase your sales. If marketing is used effectively, it could effectively double the profit generated. In today’s world, consumers and relatively busy and they are exposed to a plethora of brands. This increase in choices confuse consumers, hence affecting their buying behavior. There are a number of marketing techniques which are employed by different brands. Each technique has its own strength and weakness. Even though all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses but all of them play one common role of diverting the attention of consumers.

    If you want to get the attention of consumers, you will need to think out of the box and employ strategies that are the most effective with a strong impact on the consumer minds. You not only need to employ strategies but also deliver your message in a way they want to listen. This book is a life saver for all the people looking for an insight in this field. It helps you understand the changing dynamics of the market and will help you understand different strategies employed by different brands. The book will also help you understand the importance of using the right kind of strategy for the right product.

    Marketing 4.0 is also helps you understand the diversity in the consumer market. It helps you reach a wider range of consumers. The book shows you ways through which you can engage your consumers more efficiently.  There are different ways to market a brand and each technique should be used keeping in view the nature of the brand. The book tells you ways through which you can engage your consumers in a better way. It also tells you about the traditional ways that were employed, helps you use them in your new strategy, and facilitates you to come up with a complete new marketing technique.

    The book focuses on a few very important points, such as, how to discover new rules of marketing, creating the awestruck moment, techniques on building loyal customers, etc.  The book helps you know the demands of consumers which lead to building a strong connection with the consumer market. It also focuses on the new marketing movements. People who are experienced in marketing know that after a certain period of time the rules and techniques of marketing change. But this also has another dimension to look at. After a certain period of time, not only the rules of marketing change, but the consumers and their demands change as well. This book provides you with a strong base of the new techniques of marketing and helps you understand the very basics of consumer demands.

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